Clairin Le Rocher

2017 marks the launch of a new Clairin, Le Rocher is the big news of 2017! We have a new Clairin, from an already legendary producer: Romulus Bethel’s site is located in Pignon, in the arrondissement of Saint-Raphael in the department of the North, no more than an hour of dirt road from St. Michel, the village where Sajous site is. Le Rocher is produced from syrup, not from pure juice. The syrup is boiled in order to preserve all the aromas of the rum while retaining the character of the three varieties of cane. Le Rocher is a 100% natural single pot still rum, bottled ‘still proof’ without any dilution, as per the Clairin protocol. Romelus is quiet religious, reason why he chose the name Le Rocher which derives from the verses of the Gospel of Matthew 7: 24-27 « The foolish man builds the house on the sand and instead the wise man builds it on the rock ». Le Rocher distillery is built on rock.

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Le Rocher Distillery

Traditional Haiti ! These highly artisanal eaux-de-vie, similar to white agricole rums, have long been the most popular drink in the remotest, poorest regions of Haiti. Bottled at natural strength, these three bottlings come from three different distilleries but have aspects in common: pure, well balanced alcohols capable of evolving interestingly and expressively in the glass. The Brazilian have cachaça, the Haitian have clairin!

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Autres pays, Haïti


Agricultural White Rum

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